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Hitting Your Fitness Goals In 2018

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'Do what you like'

How many times have you heard that line from someone and started to proceed with caution, knowing that they don't really mean what they say?

Well, lucky for you, there's no underlying message when I say: do what you like!

When it comes round to January, every year is the same - a mad rush to sign up to the gym and then a steep drop off towards the end of February, when people realise that they hate running on the treadmill.

What's the answer to this?

Use the rowing machine instead? Nope...

Do what you like!

If spending your time on cardio machines isn't for you, do something that you know you enjoy doing.

It could be anything, literally anything. It doesn't even have to be gym related.

If you love to dance - check out a local dance class or group and go and dance the night away.


If you love to play badminton - see if there's a local league or club that can pair you up with another player.

When it comes to health and fitness we're often over thinking it. This time of year I'm often asked "I've put on a few pounds over Christmas, what's the best exercise or workout?"

My answer is - 'the one that you like, something that you enjoy doing.'

If something is a chore to do, you'll be okay whilst motivation is high, but without enjoyment, you will quickly join the new year gym goers in giving up.

So think, what do you like? Running, sport, dance?

Do that and I guarantee you'll find it much easier to hit your fitness goals in 2018.

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If you'd like to try weight training but have no idea where to start, check out our Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Weight Training eBook - taking you from gym novice to expert in 2018


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