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At Get Lifting we believe that to get long-term results you need commitment and consistent action in three core areas of your life - not crash diets and quick fixes.
The 3 core areas we guide and educate our clients on are:





Nutrition plays a vital role in your fitness journey!


Unfortunately this is an area where a lot of people struggle. There is a lot of misinformation out there and we are often led to believe that certain foods are good or bad for us, which can lead to cutting out essential nutrients or overloading on unnecessary supplements; this is something we look to educate you on from day one.

At Get Lifting nutrition is not about extremes.  There are no fad diets, no drastic calorie or macronutrient reductions, just simple and sustainable changes that are tailored to your goals - whatever they may be. 


We understand that your life may be busy. Whatever your current barriers are, we work to help make your diet more lifestyle-proof, fitting our recommendations around your preferences and pace of life.  We are not here to tell you what you can and can't eat!  Instead, we look to empower you with the knowledge to make your own nutritional choices with confidence.


We use a series of tools to help guide and educate you on nutrition - from out client welcome pack, nutrition logs and the integration of apps such as MyFitnessPal. 



Have you ever walked into a gym and thought - 'I don't really know what I'm doing'


If you're like most people the answer to that questions is probably yes! This usually leads to doing the wrong type of exercise for your goals and a long-term - a lack of results. 


At Get Lifting, we love resistance training - something people tend to avoid. It can be confusing and intimidating, and there's a lot of variables. But don't worry, we're here to help!


Our passion is your results, and everything in your individualised training programme is tailored to help you get the results you want - you'll know exactly what exercises to do and how to do them, the number of repetitions you need to be doing and understand how each element builds towards helping you achieve your goals.


Whether you would like one-to-one or group training sessions in the gym, your home, outdoors, or a flexible online training system, you will be equipped with expert knowledge from our personal trainers, getting you closer to your goals with every single session.


Get Lifting is here to show you the power of resistance training in helping you to become healthier, fitter and stronger whilst achieving your dream body.



Your body and your health are a direct result of your overall lifestyle.


At Get Lifting, not only do we coach you in the gym and in the kitchen, but we also look to help you improve your lifestyle. This includes implementing strategies to improve sleep, stress levels, digestion and mental focus which all culminate in a healthier, fitter you and also help make the fitness and nutrition side of things a little easier!

Making small, sustainable steps, we look to integrate total health and fitness into your lifestyle as seamlessly as possible through providing you with the information and options to make the best possible choices for you.


It can be a long process to change the habits of a lifetime, but with a willingness to learn, a little patience and some hard work, we can change your lifestyle so you can be the best, healthiest version of you.




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