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Get Ready To Get Ripped Homer Simpson!

Jim Buddy's Protein Donut

We know the real reason Homer Simpson has never been ripped is because there hasn't been protein donuts on the market.

Well, if your love for donuts is similar to that of Mr Simpson, you're in luck!

Introducing protein donuts...

I saw these protein donuts on Facebook last Thursday and it just so happened that I was going past a Protein Haus that day. Being a huge fan of anything ‘protein’, I HAD to try these!

Now I have to say, they are not cheap. Even compared to your favourite green and white branded donuts these are super expensive - there wasn't much change out of a tenner.

Weighing in at 50g (PB) and 53g (chocolate orange) you don’t get a lot of bang for your buck, but to me these were a novelty protein goodie that I just had to try.

The nutritional make-up of both is pretty good for what they are - both are under 100 cals, under 3g of active carbs and 8-10g of protein.

These are made by a company called Jim Buddy and in terms of allergies come with a full house of: wheat, milk, egg and peanut with the peanut butter one (as well as soy and oat)

Now, what for the taste?

Peanut Butter - This was the first one I chose. I love everything peanut butter, and can literally spoon it into my mouth with ease. It smelt good when it was opened, and I couldn’t wait to try the frosting, which was probably the best part of the donut. The donut itself was similar to that of an actual donut - but obviously without ALL of the bad stuff.

Choc Orange - I’m a huge fan of anything chocolate orange too, so this was an easy second choice! The donut felt a little softer and airier compared to the peanut butter, which I preferred, and the frosting definitely came with a very orangey flavour.

Both these donuts were pretty good, but I wish the price was reflected in the taste.

Both donuts tasted just too artificial with an over-powering taste of the alcohol sugar used (in order to keep the active carbs down). This leaves a little bit of a tingle on the tongue and a strange after taste.

As a result I can’t see these becoming a big part of anyone’s usual diet - unless you’ve got stacks of donut money lying around and are really looking to reduce your calories.

If these were the same price as a protein bar then maybe I'd consider these gain, but personally, I’d rather save my calories across the week and have a real donut (and maybe a protein shake!)

P.s. Protein doesn't actually get you ripped - a calorie deficit does

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