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Training For The 3 Peaks Challenge

I'm attempting the 3 Peaks challenge in 10 days time and today marked my first day of training.

I'm fundraising for Cancer Research in memory of my uncle, so determination to complete it is high!

But I know...I've left it a bit late.

I don't usually post about my training, but I wanted to post about this training as:

1. I wanted to talk about making your training specific to your goals, and

2. You or someone you know may be completing a hike soon.

Now, as you can see from the above photo, that's not an every day sight on the treadmill (if it is, I'd question the people in the gym you're going to!)

The goal from the training session was to try and replicate the conditions of my actual hike as much as possible.

This meant wearing my backpack with a 10kg weight plate in, wearing hiking boots and using the treadmill furthest away from the air conditioning.

In addition to this I changed the incline of my walk at regular intervals (ranging from 5-10%) and maintained a walking pace of 6kmph throughout.

It looked a little like this:

0-5m - 5% incline

5-10m - 6% incline

10-15m - 7% incline

15-20m - 8% incline

20-25m - 9% incline

25-35m - 10% incline

And then all the way back down in the same fashion.

Whilst the pyramid type incline walk is not what a real hike is going to be like, it gets my legs used to walking up steeper inclines and at the durations I used, will mean I'm prepared for the impact it's going to have on my legs.

So, whatever you're training for, make sure your training is specific! If it's fat loss make sure you're burning Calories and if it's an upcoming boxing match make sure you are training in conditions that's will replicate a boxing match.

And if you have an upcoming hike, just pinch the workout above!

If you're interested in donating to an awesome cause, get in touch below and I'll link the Just Giving page!

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