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What Training Split Is Best For You?

You may have just started a resistance training programme, or have been training for a while with no real structure. How can a specific training split help you? What is a training split? Which one is best for you?

A training split refers to the way you split your training throughout the week and over how many days. Working out a good training split can help you get the most out of your resistance training.

For beginners it can be beneficial to do a full body workouts, focusing on lower and upper body, throughout the week. If you are new to training your training split could look something like this:

Monday: Full Body Workout

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Full Body Workout

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Full Body Workout

Allowing one day off in between workouts, and two days at the weekend, will ensure adequate rest time and doesn't require a huge amount of time spent in the gym (you still have 165 hours left in the week)

Following this you may look to focus on an upper/lower split - focusing on upper body one day and then switching to lower body the next and then resting, looking like this:

Monday: Upper Body Workout

Tuesday: Lower Body Workout

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Upper Body Workout

Friday: Lower Body Workout

Sat/Sun: Rest

Again, you will have adequate rest time, but will be able to complete more volume per body part when compared with a 3 day, full body training split. You'll also be spending an extra hour in the gym.

After this the possibilities are endless: you could train each body part separately (chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs), opposing muscle groups (chest and back, biceps and triceps, quads and hamstrings) and many more...

The key to organising a training split is making sure that you give a muscle group enough time to rest, and ensuring that you are training a muscle enough to provide adequate stimulus.

If you're unsure about what training split is best for you, or have questions about your current training split, get in touch -

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