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I'm really glad you're here!


You could have selected any personal training website but, lucky enough, you clicked on this one.

I'm here to help you sail through the sea of misinformation within the fitness industry and offer you a solution to years of:

  • Restrictive Diets

  • Endless amounts of mind numbing cardio

  • Deprivation

  • Frustration

  • Lack of results

  • Failure

  • Feeling terrible


See, whilst your goal is to look and feel fitter and healthier (and hopefully a little sexier), you might be going about it in the wrong way.

What does the wrong way look like?

Spending too much time doing cardio

Cutting calories too low, too quickly

Cutting out ALL your favourite foods

Not lifting weights




Here at Get Lifting, we like to do things the right way.

That means avoiding negative things like restrictive diets and boring workouts. 

After all, if a diet has to have an end date it is not sustainable. The same goes for your exercise.

We like to focus on helping you:

So what's next?


If you're tired of not getting results and doing things the wrong way, let me show you the right way

Let me help you get back on track and start getting results again.

At the moment in time, I'm fully booked but if you register for your free consultation below, you'll be the first to hear when new coaching slots become available. 

Alternatively, download my free 'Lose Your First 5lbs Guide' or check out the Get Lifting Podcast and take your first steps to transforming your body, mind and life



Well, if a 5* rating on Facebook wasn't enough, all of these people love the way we get them the results they want:

Fran, London"Can't recommend Graeme enough - training with him was a brilliant investment in my health and overall wellbeing. I was nervous about doing PT as I'm not typically sporty and never considered it something that was for me, but he instantly made me feel comfortable, even in the male-dominated weights room."

David, London"Fantastic trainer and an excellent guy too. Has really put in a great deal of thought and effort to be programme over the past year, which has worked superbly. Highly recommend him."

Nina, London - "I've had personal trainers in the past but I have to say Graeme is the best by far. A fantastic trainer and always listens to what your aims and goals are. He designed a bespoke training programme for me which changes every few weeks making sure it isn't too repetitive."

Enjoy exercising, reaching your goals, getting strong and fitting it into your routine wherever you are in the world

Eat a selection of foods that YOU enjoy whilst keeping on track

Manage your lifestyle better 

Look, feel and move better

Transform your body and life for the better

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