3 Reasons You Should Be More Like Donald Trump

He may be the President of the United States, and one that has extremely questionable views on exercise (as well as a diet that horrifies his doctor), but there might be a case to #BeMoreTrump in the pursuit of your health and fitness goals this year.

Whatever your views are of the 45th U.S. President, it's hard to deny that he is someone who is incredibly persistent (granted, not always positively) and someone who has achieved success in his career.

To get to where he is requires certain characteristics, and whilst I don't plan on doing what would prove to be a very worrying psycho-analysis on Mr. Trump, there are three areas that I feel we could all take note from the President and apply to our own fitness ventures.

Now, I mean you could build a wall between yourself and the fridge - that will be a pretty strong calorie controller. You could also send those pesky biscuits and cakes 'back to where they came from'.

However, here are the three areas I feel we could all benefit from by being a bit more like POTUS:

1. He's Oh-So Persistent

A dogged election campaign and the fact his Hotels and Casino businesses have filed for bankruptcies 6 times are testament to just how persistent and determined he is as a person.

When he announced his plans to run for presidency in 2015 I remember thinking how hilarious it was, as did a lot of people. He was written off from the start, and again, political views aside, there is huge value in being so committed and persistent in pursuit of a personal goal.

When it comes to your current goals are you displaying persistence. Are you prepared to overcome a lack of sleep, work commitments and doses of failure in order to reach your overall goal?

The reason most people fail is because they let themselves come unstuck at the first hurdle. How many times have you committed to eating better only to come unstuck after a stressful afternoon at work?

#BeMoreTrump and become persistent in your pursuit of your goals. It's going to be tough to change, but being overweight is tough, being weak is tough - choose which tough you'd prefer.

2. Trump Talk

The unofficial King of Hyperbole - Trump definitely talks the talk.

Everything he says is 'the biggest' or 'the best'. In using this language, Trump is consciously and unconsciously re-affirming his position in being 'the biggest' and 'the best' - and his actions will follow.

There is a huge hidden power in the words we use in our own self talk and the way we communicate with others. If you are committing your time to achieving weight loss, you must believe in what you are doing and that you are going to achieve that goal.

To use an example: telling yourself that you are going to 'try to lose weight' opens the door to failure - you have made your goal to try to lose weight, not to specifically lose weight.

This not only opens the door for failure but also acceptance of that failure.

Instead, telling yourself 'I will lose weight' is far more powerful, and in telling yourself and other people this, you make a far bigger commitment, and guess what - your actions will follow!

(Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz is a really good book on this kind of stuff)

3. He Walks The Walk

When it comes to Donald Trump's business ventures, not only does he talk the talk, he walks the walk - he sells luxury, and definitely walks the walk there. Hopping in and out of his private jet with his name on it is a demonstration of his luxurious lifestyle and the type of life he is selling to his customers.

To entrepreneurs who are keen to read his books he sells success and wealth and is the embodiment of that in the way he lives his life.

What can you take away from that?

It's all well and good saying 'I'm going to start the gym on Monday' or 'The diet starts next week', but are you actually going to follow through?

Are you going to talk the talk and then follow that up with the action needed to do it?

Are you going to demonstrate or embody what it means to make a change to your health and fitness?

If you do follow it up with positive action, the chances are you're going to have success in whatever goal you choose to pursue.

If you can go away and apply this little dose of Donald in these three areas, in the gym and the kitchen (even other areas of your life), you will undoubtedly improve upon where you are now and move closer towards reaching your goals.

Whatever you chose to do, be persistent, say what you are going to do and say it in a positive way. Follow this up with action and you have a recipe success.

But if you take nothing else from this blog post, take this - we are not batteries and exercising will definitely not shorten your lifespan, despite what Donald says. Unless your chosen exercise is running around with tigers.

If you made getting in shape your goal in 2018, take positive action today and check out our free Ultimate Beginners Guide To Weight Training download!

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