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EXPERT PERSONAL TRAINING IN essex - HELPING men and women aged 25-55 drop 15-25lbs and LOOK, MOVE AND FEEL BETTER - helping them to upgrade their health and happiness


If you’re tired, untoned, lacking motivation or generally avoiding mirrors at all costs, there’s a strong chance you have an unhelpful habit or two lurking in the midst.

And they’re tougher to shift than any weights you’ll ever lift! Try fad diets or ‘smash your six-pack in six minutes’ plans but all that will do is take you back to square one, as well as feeling a failure.


Sound great?

No. Which is why we do things differently. Our reputation for getting results is built on sustainable fitness. We’re here to provide nutrition and lifestyle training that helps you become a healthier, stronger and happier version of you -  that stays that way before you happily wave us goodbye.

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Personal trainer, fitness coach



Working towards your goals shouldn’t be something you’re afraid of, but we all put it off. Bettering yourself should be an enjoyable, inspiring, and rewarding experience.

When it comes to fitness, whether you're looking to lose fat and tone up, improve as an athlete or simply feel better day-to-day, I can help you make your improvement stick.


YOU are the focus of my tailored and personable approach.


I see my role in guiding you through your fitness journey as; 

  • Understanding your challenges ahead of hitting them, 

  • Seeing where your blind spots are and providing tools for them, 

  • Looking at your lifestyle and mindset way before you get anywhere near a gym or weights.


This is where my experience and intuition come into play. I know what you’re up against, and that you’re regularly going to want to do anything BUT train.


That’s why I get results. My bespoke training sessions are designed for your body and your goals, incorporating your limitations. Using all of that valuable information we can then create a customised nutrition plan, and use regular in-depth progress analysis to help us get you the results you're looking for.


I'm not going to lie to you – we probably can’t get you abs in 4 weeks and we probably can’t make you fit into that dress for a wedding next month…


…and if we were to, you definitely wouldn’t enjoy the process.


What we can do is introduce you to a way of eating, training and living that is so tailored to you that once you’ve settled into it, you’ll never need to panic about reaching short term goals… you’ll already be looking, feeling and moving exactly how you want to.

Get in touch to Lift Your Potential, or click below to find out more.

Graeme Lee, Owner


"Fantastic trainer and an excellent guy too. Has really put in a great deal of thought and effort to our programme over the past year, which has worked superbly. Highly recommend him."

David S, London

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